Information on Impounded Vehicles

Vehicles will be released with 1-Hour Notice and must have the following documents:

  • Driver License or State Identification Card

  • In addition you must have one of the following proofs of authority:

  • A notarized power of attorney
  • A certificate of title
  • A tax collector's receipt and vehicle registration renewal card
  • A court order
  • A notarized proof of loss claim of theft form
  • An insurance company to show right of possession
  • Positive name and address information that matches the information contained in TXDOT Vehicles and Registration Files
  • A valid insurance certificate for the vehicle
  • A TDLR approved affidavit of right of possession and control
  • Items can be removed from vehicles Monday - Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm

    Only the vehicles owner or owners representation are allowed to remove personal items after presenting proper identification.

    The vehicle may not be dismantled and parts may not be removed.

    This includes engine, tires and installed stereos.

    The vehicle storage facility may require owner removing items to give a listing of items that were removed from vehicle.

    Hold on vehicles by law enforcement

    Vehicles or Items cannot be released with a law enforcement HOLD on them. The owner of the vehicle must contact the proper enforcement agency to get the HOLD released before the vehicle or its contents can be removed.